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Employee engagement solutions to build an encouraging workplace culture and
drive optimal performance for your business

Our Approach


Assessment of KRAs, Business Needs & Dipstick



Technical Integration, Operational Set up



Dashboard, Performance Measurement, Reviews



Tweek in for Performance acceleration on recommendation & feedbacks


There has to be comprehensive approach to employee engagement includes steps to understand, analyze, design and deploy precise programs.

The program design begins with an identification of employee desires, needs, and potential roadblocks to success. Our technology integration deploy programs that can be evaluated through dashboards, reward preferences, recognition reports.

Employee Recognition & Rewards

Build a culture of employee recognition, engagement & retention to make your organisation one of best places to work

Recognise your employees to drive performance and Engagement

What motivates an employee has always been a key challenge for managers, but considering the importance of it for an organization's success, one has to incessantly attempt to understand it better. The use of rewards and recognition is more and more critical and most of the times it happens that schemes and incentives does not get delivered in time.

You can deploy and manage employee rewards and recognition programs to help your organization drive performance and employee engagement . The solutions offered by us enable our clients to easily launch cost-effective programs that improve employee performance, foster loyalty, and inspires them to achieve more while helping to build a healthy work culture

  • Employee Birthdays
  • Employee Anniversary
  • Employees Key festivals

All the above are very important and key part of relationship building between Employee and Organiation. Our E gift cards and E vouchers solutions, gives HR and admin manager a tool to easily send the gift cards and e vouchers thru mail & sms in a highly secured. They have their own id & password, can upload file in the format provided and it shall get sent to all the recipients on immediate basis.

Service Anniversary Awards

Recognise and reward employees for their commitment over the years in the most personalised way ever.

Zoom your Service Anniversary Awards experience

Service anniversary awards programs help recognize employees for their years of service. Your long-standing employees are your most valuable resource and they help to keep your organization running. It is widely known that service anniversary programs have a significant impact on employee engagement, subsequently building employee morale and improving loyalty to your company. A well-thought service anniversary awards program is an important aspect for any organization, large or small, that wants to retain its key talent.

Once you choose us as your service anniversary team, you can expect personal attention to your specific needs as we create a unique and customized program for your employees. Sending service awards to employees on set date & time automatically and giving delight to purchase their favourite brands will go a long way. Your esteemed organization is built on the hard work of employees who have dedicated years of service to its success. An appreciation for their efforts though our Service Anniversary Awards platforms.

Engagement Strategies & Metrics

Lets Deploy and measure employee engagement strategies basis your employees’ intensity towards performance and commitment.

Rules of Employee Engagement

Engaged employees have a sense of personal attachment to their work and organization; they are motivated and are able to give their best to help it succeed.

The New Rules of Engagement is to design a perfect employee engagement strategy that can drive and sustain the engagement of all employees. The power to Employee to choose from wide array and his place and time to redeem thru E gift cards and E vouchers make sense.

While we have a strong point of view regarding employee engagement, we believe clients are poorly served by one-size-fits-all approaches.

We incorporate strategies and metrics into design variables for which we have national norms, to help the client understand its relative strengths and weaknesses.