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Channel partners are a key element to increase the growth rate of any business. Retailers, vendors, systems integrators, value-added resellers, original equipment manufacturers, or third-party solution and service providers add to a business' development and progress. They are essential for a strong customer retention program which further enables effective company costs. A fulfilling channel rewards program can optimize the relationship of the business with a larger number of channel partners. More than giving mere discount schemes, an efficient channel partner loyalty program ensures smooth business transactions and practices. It also makes the stakeholders feel valued on a personal level, thus increasing their loyalty to the brand.

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Assessment of Business Development, Reach & KPIs



Technical Integration, Operational Set up, Promotions of products & services, Logistics



Dashboard, Performance Measurement, Reviews



Tweek in for Performance acceleration on recommendation & feedbacks

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EgiftVouchers.in helps you design, deploy, evaluate and optimize your channel partner program to leverage your brand/product strength, channel strategies and promotions in a measurable way.

We help you define your channel strategies and work with you to not only increase the sales but also create an ecosystem to build long-lasting profitable relationships with your channel partners.

It all starts with an in-depth study of your channel partners' business objectives and then aligning them with your business objectives to create a strategic framework for implementing the program with periodic reviews.

Dealer Incentive Program

Implement motivating, rewarding and measurable engagement strategies to help your dealers sell more of your products

Is your dealers strategy enough to push sales?

How are you making sure your dealers are totally aligned with your products/brand and feel valued to be associated with you? The most important part of your channel distribution network is to have motivated and well aligned dealers to push your products right to the end customers without giving them a way to your competitors. At times it becomes difficult to know what motivates your dealers , the e gift vouchers and egift cards gives the power to them to redeem of their choice and from wide array with ease.
We help you design, develop and implement end to end dealer incentive programs to make sure your products or brand is reaching out to your end customers on a consistent basis. We help you drive incremental sales over the business as usual by implementing a data-driven customized dealer incentives program strategy.
Purpose is to enable your dealers to push your product in the most efficient manner. In addition to this, we offer more than 250 rewards exclusively designed to motivate and engage your dealers and channel partners.

Channel Loyalty Program

Build long term mutually beneficial relationships with channel partners

The right channel loyalty programs are driven by instilling value for your channel partners both at transactional and emotional levels through personal touch by offering meaningful & motivating rewards at each milestone to improve performance regularly.
Channel structure varies from industry to industry and so does the behavior and needs of the channel partners. What works and improves performance for one set of partners might not deliver the same for others.

Influencer Program

Find out what influences your key influencers to push your products to potential buyers in the target market

Is your product reaching out to your end customers?

Boost your sales and increase your market share by implementing a well-planned influencers program by reaching out to the right set of influencers for your products and brand.
We help you identify key influencers and engage them through customized and meaningful channel promotions that result in incremental sales and increased market share for your brand. We offer engagement programs, relationship-based rewards for the influencers so that you can establish long term relationships with them and in turn, influence the buying decisions of your end customers. E gift vouchers are safe and easy tool for influencer and reaches them immediately and will make the influencer too woo and convert to your brand.
We engage the influencers on all available touchpoints such as meets, Original product replacement, web, SMS, mobile apps and phone to reach out to them with channel promotions and rewards on a regular basis to drive performance.

Sales Incentive Program

Equip & arm your sales teams with the right sales strategies and rewards to meet their sales targets

Are you bringing the best out of your sales force?

In today's highly competitive and complex business scenario, it is imperative to have a motivated sales force to achieve the desired sales outcome for your organization. At the same, the main concern for sales managers is to find the right mix of sales incentive programs for their sales team to keep them motivated and engaged to drive performance.
While designing the sales incentives program, we make sure it is easy to implement, understand, manage and measure for your sales teams and managers. It also allows your sales team to pre-select their goals and show them the consistent progress towards the goal, keeping them engaged and aligned to the final business target throughout the program. E vouchers and E gifts can play a large role in sales incentive program and can be easily monitored.

Sales Agent Program

Identify different needs of different sales people to engage and drive them towards significantly higher returns

Delivering result-oriented programs for sales agents!

A sales agent is a self-employed, commission-only, business-to-business sales person. Agents tend to specialise by market, not by product, with a few exceptions. Most agents will build a portfolio of products and/or services that suit a particular type of client. It is important to motivate such sales agents to work ardently for your business and product.
Our sales agent program is designed to boost sales revenues without neglecting other key business aspects such as service quality. The successful incentive programs reward is immediate. As a rule, the faster the reward is delivered like E Voucher or E gift for sales executives, the greater the enthusiasm for the sales agent program. The aim is delivering rewards at a faster pace to encourage the sales agents to turn up to your brand without getting attracted towards the offers from competition.

Sales Effectiveness

Manage your sales team performance, improve their consistency and amplify the sales deals

Accelerate the performance for your sales teams

Sustained high levels of motivation among a company's sales staff is very crucial. The critical parts of the overall picture of motivating a sales force more effectively include creating a culture of trust; leveraging the power of peer recognition; and focusing on the tools that help salespeople reach their potential in an increasingly complex business environment.
Effectiveness of sales performance driven programs, understand the components of a successful sales team; diagnose the issues, prioritise the challenges & opportunities and structure & scale the sales team. Buy e gift vouchers and cards for your sales agents which reaches to them immediately and redeemable at their ease. Self-selected goals - To participate in the sales incentive program, users must self-select a goal which is above the baseline target. It increases motivation and drive accountability besides giving users the sense of being in control of their own performance.

Focus & Segmentation – To keep a track of the performance, users receive a weekly "performance versus goal achievement update" email highlighting the gap. This triggers self-motivation and planning from the user to achieve the self-selected goal. This also keeps you brand top-of-mind. you can segment your channel partners' basis similar levels of productivity. This allows you set the goals which are attainable to drive incremental growth from your channel partners.

Compelling rewards – Achieving self-selected goals not only gives your channel partner recognition but also makes them eligible for exciting tangible rewards.

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